Al & Web3

Attention all innovative startups! The Rigel Minepad has arrived to power up your AI dreams in the Web3 Ecosystem. Don't get left behind in the AI buzz, embrace the future with Rigel Minepad.
For Startups focused on (AI & Web3):
  • Startups can apply for crowdfunding and get the best route succeed
  • Startups can access Angel investors
  • Startups get insights on solid Tokenomics
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For Angel investors interested (AI & Web3):
  • Connect with the best startups in Web3 and AI
  • Get the best deals early
  • Access the best talent and innovative teams
  • Shared risk
  • Provide a Launchpad for your invested startup to raise community funding.
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Legal Disclaimer: Not available to investors based in the United States or any other region where cryptocurrency activities are prohibited. We take compliance and regulatory obligations seriously and aim to ensure our platform operates within legal and ethical frameworks.