Adding RGP token to Web3 Wallet

Adding RGP on any Web3 wallet for the first time, you will need to follow the steps below:
On Metamask PC;
Login to Metamask Wallet.
Scroll down until you see, '' Don't see your token? Import tokens''
Click on Import token and click on the custom token.
Anyone can create a token, including creating fake versions of existing tokens. Learn more about scams and security risks.
Input details as shown below
  • Contract: 0xFA262F303Aa244f9CC66f312F0755d89C3793192
  • Symbol: RGP
  • Decimal: 18
Most of the time these details may be filled automatically after contract input
Click on Add Custom Wallet button, then click on import token. You're done.
You can now see the RGP with the balance on your wallet.
This process is the same as that of Metamask Wallet & Trustwallet on mobile.