Swap Your ERC20(BUSD/USDT) to BEP20
Due to the high fees the Ethereum is experiencing recently, we aren't supporting Ethereum chain for the 1st round of the Presale to ensure users get the best experience.
BUSD and USDT are both available on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Users can easily exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies to BUSD or USDT on Binance Exchange.
For a direct swap, without KYC or registration requirements, users can use as well the Binance Bridge service,, which connects directly to Metamask or Binance Chain Wallets and allows cross-chain swaps to the Binance Smart Chain in a safe, fast, and secure way.
For BUSD Selection
So Easy, Swapping takes just moments
For USDT Selection
Last modified 11mo ago
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