Presale Overview
Rigel Protocol users will be able to participate in the RGP token presale on our official website. All early presale participants will enjoy a special price on each Round per 1 RGP token.
  • Round 1: $0.99
  • Round 2: $1.25
  • Round 3: $1.5
Due to high gas fees on the Ethereum network, users would only be able to purchase RGP through the Binance Smart Chain Network. To ensure our community the best user experience. Users could experience fees as high as 200 USD when using the Ethereum network to participate on the $RGP token presale.
That's why we suggest users to swap their ERC20 (BUSD/USDT) to BEP20 (BUSD/USDT) on the Binance Bridge ( For just a fraction of the transaction cost.
Also, for any users who prefer ERC20 $RGP, we got you covered. After, purchase on the Binance Smart Chain Network you can get request a swap back to the ETH chain by contacting us via our official email: [email protected]
Supported Chain for Presale : Binance Smart Chain
Last modified 11mo ago
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