How to Buy?
Takes just a few minutes...
  • Users will need a wallet with Web3 capabilities like Metamask to connect to the Rigel Protocol Platform to the preferred chain Binance Smart Chain and purchase RGP tokens. Check below for details:
  • Once the presale has opened, users can purchase RGP by going to the Buy RGP tab on the Rigel Protocol website or directly following this link: or
  • First users need to permit the smart contract to spend their funds. Meaning first input the desired amount and select the token, BUSD or USDT, intended for contribution, and click on "Approve".
  • After the amount is approved, a second transaction is needed to complete the purchase, which will be prompted by clicking on the "Buy" button.
  • Once the transaction succeeds, a confirmation window will appear and that's it, your RGP token are in your own wallet!
  • Note that RGP tokens can be purchased exclusively from our website, beware of any outside sources which may send you to the wrong contract address.
Video Tutorial:
Don't send funds from a hosted wallet or an exchange, you can lose them. Use only Web3 compatible wallets, as mentioned above, to make a transaction.
NOTE: If you want to participate in the presale with currencies other than BUSD or USDT, you can reach directly to our team through [email protected] with the amount and currency intended to contribute. Please, write on the email subject "RGP Presale". We will get back to you asap with the choices available.
Last modified 11mo ago
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